Children Ballet program a specially developed by SORBS Director Mrs. Elena Kanevskaia based on Vaganova ballet method with elements of Jazz Dance, Rhythmic Dance and stretching exercises. This is the first step in to the process of a Dance development with the goal to motivate and nourish love for dance in each individual child.

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Ballet for Tots

Age: 2-3 years old

Classes for the little ones where they will discover the beautiful word of the music and dance, develop rhythm, body awareness, coordination and grace in this structured and fun class.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to join in the class with their Child.

Kids Rhythm and Dance

Level 1: 3–4 years old
Level 2: 4–5 years old

Taught on 2 levels, this class explores the basics of Ballet, Funk Jazz and creative movement.

At this level we believe that dance classes should be viewed as a fun learning experience whilst learning to channel their creativity, musicality, improve co-ordination, posture and grace to a higher level without the pressure of exams and set syllabus work.


Age: 5–6 years old

This program is a prelude to formal ballet instruction and introduce the basic shapes, positions, postures and traditions of classical ballet while emphasizes creativity.

Kids Jazz

Age: 5–7 years old

The class are fun and exciting with a focus on developing the fundamentals of Jazz dance techniques while building a young dancer’s self-confidence and self-esteem. We use fun,upbeat and popular music that our young dancers can easily recognize.

Support you and your family in the Love of Dance!

SRBS fosters a love of dance in an upbeat and positive environment.
Students get to experience world class instruction in Russian ballet and Dance instruction. From the versatile range of classes and options available, students will be able to develop their abilities to their highest potential! Many of our students have gone on to develop professional careers around the world. In other fields, dance education also fosters confidence and communication skills that enhance personal and professional pursuits!