School of Russian Ballet. Singapore
Class Attire

When signing yourself or your child up for dance classes, you are signing up, not only for dance, but for lessons in discipline and hard work as well. With that, comes the dance class dress code:

Ballet Class Attire

Ballet Girls:

Hair tied up in a bun.
Pink tights.
Soft Ballet shoes.
Ballet skirt (same colour as a leotard).

Ballet for Tots and Kids Rhythm and Dance classes
Pink colour school leotard.
Pre-Ballet and Pre-Primary Levels: Ice colour school leotard.
Primary and Pre-Elementary Levels: School lilac colour leotard.
Elementary 1-3 and Intermediate 4-6: Lilac, wisteria and prezloso colour of the school leotard.
Advanced and Adults any colour.

Ballet Class Attire

Ballet Boys:

Ballet for Tots – pre-elementary classes: Black shorts.
Elementary, intermediate, advanced, Adults: Black tight.

Character Dance:

Hair tied up in a bun. 
Leotard from an appropriate ballet level.
Character dance shoes.
Pink tights.
Black Character dance skirt. 

Jazz Dance:
Ballet leotard and Fitted leggings or shorts.
Soft jazz shoes. 

Bear feet or half soles shoes.
Fitted shorts.

Wellness program:
Yoga / pilates attire