The aim of this classes is to allow any of the adults willing to dancers possessing a strong, classical Vaganova technique with great emphasis on artistry, musicality, purity of line and coordination. For those students who are willing to pursue ballet as a career, we will prepare graduates who are capable of integrating effortlessly into famous institutions.

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Elementary Foundation / Elementary / Elementary Progressive / Intermediate

The Adults Classical Ballet Program follows a carefully designed curriculum based on the best traditions of a Russian professional Ballet education. While it is critical to follow the sequence of the curriculum, each student progresses at his or her own rate because the training is linked to physical development. Faculty members are trained in the Vaganova curriculum and work to develop each student’s individual abilities in a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

Formal ballet training begins at the Elementary levels where the foundation of classical ballet technique is delivered. In the Intermediate levels students continue to refine their work and complete the ballet vocabulary. Pointe is introduced starting in Elementary progressive and upon completion of Intermediate, students may elect to join the Classical Ballet Repertoire class. The intensive Intermediate/Advanced levels follow a rigorous class schedule (4 days a week), which includes technique, pointe, character, jazz and repertoire classes as part of their core curriculum. Focus turns towards strength, speed, more complex combination of steps, and the development of artistry.


Upon attending our Intermediate / Advanced levels, students will have a thorough knowledge of ballet vocabulary, strong technique, and have gained valuable skills including critical and creative thinking, healthy lifestyle habits, motivation, focus and self-discipline, and increased confidence and self-esteem.

Classical Ballet Repertoire

If you had ever wanted to learn the solos and variations in the classical ballet repertoire, this is the class to sign up for. Each class will be teaching famous masterpieces from different ballets such as “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake” , “Coppelia”, “Don Quixote” and etc. This class will push your abilities and challenge your skills.

Point Work

Always aspired to dance like a true ballerina? Point is the basis of all classical repertoire. This aesthetic of ballet is not easily achieve, dancers have to gone through basic ballet classes and training before attempting this class. Basic barre exercises en pointe to help build and increase strength of the feet and ankles for more advanced exercises.

Adults' Character Dance

Age: From 18 years old

This class provides students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals and the brilliant techniques of various European Folk Dances. This is a good way to start a dance journey from Russia to Spain, Poland to Italy, and Hungary to France and more.

Lyrical Jazz

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story. Students will learn basic lyrical technique along with how to express emotion through movement.

Contemporary Dance

This is a fusion of ballet, jazz and street dance and taught with a contemporary approach. Students will learn jazz techniques while focusing on performance styles.



BARRE ASTIĖ is a somatic method that can be applied to everyone – dancer, non-dancer, professional or beginner.“The Barre ASTIĖ is a way to acquire knowledge of our musculature, skeleton as well as joints and their mobility. It reveals our personal ability to move using flexing movements, stretches, spirals and bends of the spine through a functional concept that allows to form a proper image of ourself.”– Grammar of the Bodies –The term “barre” refers to the traditional floor exercises for dancers corresponding to the barre work of everyday’s ballet class.

It also reveals the identity of its creator, Mr Alain ASTIĖ, who grew up in the world of the art, being part of a generation that marked the history of dance


This class is designed to wake up and bring life to the core of your body! Abdominal postures and breathing techniques are incorporated into the class to strengthen the connection between the upper and lower body. Ideal for beginners and intermediate.


Pilates is a bridge between physical fitness and physical therapy that aims to shape the body by using a mind-body connection. One of the beauties of Pilates is that we tailor it to suit each personage and physical condition.
Whether you are someone who is having a back problem or shoulder pain you could benefit from Pilates exercises that was customized for each of you.

Body Conditioning (Ballet Stretching)

Trying to achieve a technique in your dance class but lacking in strength or flexibility? This is the class for you. Doing basic ballet stretches and core exercises on the floor for the purpose of building strength, flexibility and the ability to balance forces in the body. Builds better alignment and enhances body coordination.

Support you and your family in the Love of Dance!

SRBS fosters a love of dance in an upbeat and positive environment.
Students get to experience world class instruction in Russian ballet and Dance instruction. From the versatile range of classes and options available, students will be able to develop their abilities to their highest potential! Many of our students have gone on to develop professional careers around the world. In other fields, dance education also fosters confidence and communication skills that enhance personal and professional pursuits!