“SWAN LAKE” Ballet – 10th Anniversary Performance will present on March 12-13. 2022.

Tickets on Sale at SISTIC from February 15.              The School of Russian Ballet. Singapore Presents              “Swan Lake”.
Enjoy a magical evening of exquisite Ballet and witness a classic story of magic and love brought to life. Singapore’s premier school of Vaganova Ballet Method. School of Russian Ballet.Singapore will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary with this production of the World famous Ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky‘s mastery of music. Swan Lake was staged in 1877 on the stage of Bolshoi Theatre Moscow Russia. Our production will also feature original choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov with adaptation for our young dancers.
Follow the story of Prince Siegfried and Princess Odette who is cursed by the evil kite-like sorcerer Rothbart. Odette spends her days as a White swan swimming on a Lake of Tears and transforming at night to her true form. While avoiding the topic of marriage as insisted by his mother, the Queen, Prince Siegfried goes on a hunting trip. While hunting he discovers the swans and witnesses Odette’s transformation into a beautiful maiden. He quickly falls in love and decides to marry her, but Rothbart has a sinister plan to foil theirs happily ever after.


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